What's a Mere Bullet to Carl Landry?

ESPN.com news services:

According to police, Landry was driving near downtown Houston at 4:20 a.m. when a car with two occupants hit Landry from behind. Police said Landry was shot when he got out to inspect the damage, and the other vehicle left the scene.

Team officials said two shots were fired from the other vehicle as it passed him, according to the Chronicle. The second shot hit Landry in the leg.

Police said Landry, who returned to Houston with the Rockets at about 12:30 a.m., went home before going out. The Rockets had returned from New Orleans, where they played the Hornets on Monday night.

I read that and thought: Wow, poor guy. What a lot of senseless violence -- especially associated with a fender bender. I know things get more complicated than this, but honestly, a fender bender is an occasion to be frustrated. To wait around for the police. To hassle with insurance companies, and maybe even lawyers.

It's annoying! But if you're a normal, happy, healthy person, you just don't shoot somebody to get out of that hassle.

Carl Landry could probaby use some time off just to kind of settle down after all that trauma.

And then, at some point you have think about the implications for the Rockets -- a bullet? That can not be good for your basketball game. Where could it go in your leg where it wouldn't cause serious damage?

How long is he going to be out? A year? A month? What kind of surgery does he need?

Try this: A week. And no surgery. Team officials tell the Houston Chronicle he'll be out one to two weeks.

Dwight Howard, dunking is cool and all, but kindly hand your superman cape to Mr. Landry.