Carl Landry's Story: Terrifying

Carl Landry is a multimillionaire celebrity in an age when just about everybody seems to always have at least one phone on them at all times.

It's hard to imagine a guy like him could be in dire need of a phone.

But two nights ago, in the middle of Houston and not far from the Toyota Center, Landry was worried that he might die for lack of an ability to make a phone call.

His car, he says, was rammed twice by men who Landry thinks thought he was somebody else. (An image of the intersection where the Houston Chronicle says the shooting took place.) After shots were fired, and one hit him in the left calf, he took off -- and after several blocks found he had outrun the gunmen.

Then he hid, terrified, in the dark of Houston's night, between some fence and some house, bleeding profusely from the bullet wound to his leg, praying for help.

"I was so frightened," you can hear Landry tell reporters on Sports Radio 610. (Via Sports Radio Interviews).

"I was out there between the fence and the house like bleeding to death. I've never bled that much in my life. Blood was coming out of my legs so fast. I ws just hoping and praying that I didn't pass out.

"I was ringing doorbells like crazy. One person came down and said he was going to call 911. And I saw a cop drive by about 20 minutes after he said that, and I went up to the cop car and they helped me."

Landry says that since the incident, he is always sweating. He says he probably won't go out late at night again -- and he suspects other players and coaches around the NBA may be a little cautious now, too. Landry's agent is looking into counseling for Landry, which seems like a perfectly reasonable idea. This is real trauma.

"Thinking about it all day every day," Landry says. "But it's all right. You know I'm blessed to be here."