Monday Bullets

  • Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, quoting Gilbert Arenas: "On being introduced fourth, in front of Caron Butler: 'That was a little different. That was awkward. But, you know, it's basketball. It's just introductions. It's not like the last person wins a car or anything.'" (And video of the same thing.)

  • A look at every single time Allen Iverson has come off the bench in the NBA. Dan Feldman of Piston Powered on Iverson's Sunday performance: "Iverson fit right in, and that's a far cry from the other times he came off the bench. One was his first game with the Nuggets, and the other five were punishments for missing practice or meetings."

  • Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty examined how many of the Kings' points came off passes, and found lots of interesting things: "Of the Kings' roughly 79 shot attempts (FGAs and "act-of-shooting" trips to the line), 49 were created by the shooter and 30 were created by a pass. In this game, the shooter-created attempts were more efficient than the passer-created attempts. That is owed almost completely to Kevin Martin, who relied almost exclusively on ... himself. Twenty-four shot attempts ... and only three of them came off a pass. That tells me that a) the Kings do not pass well and b) Martin is not doing enough to get into scoring position when he doesn't have the ball. No one tweak fixes this -- it's a hydra of a problem. That said, Martin does well creating on his own. The 12.5/21 figure is 60% ... and one of the makes was a three. (Creating a three off the dribble is a notoriously inefficient shot, something I want to delve into at some point.) [Jason] Thompson, on the other hand, he really excelled when set up. We know he has had trouble creating cleanly; nearly all his turnovers come on broken spin moves, whether in the form of offensive fouls or travels. But set him up and HOLY! LORD! he can finish. Six-of-six off potential assists."

  • A renewed promise from attorney Allan Milstein that, if he can find a high-school player willing, he's ready to challenge the NBA's age limit, and believes he can win based on anti-trust grounds. We have dug into this issue before.

  • The story of Dan Gilbert and the Bar Mitzvah fisticuffs is not going away as quickly as you might expect.

  • In case you haven't seen it already: Jason Collins' foul on LeBron James. Reminiscent of Andrew Bynum's play on Gerald Wallace.

  • The Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen explains the work of Rocket developmental coaches Shawn Respert and Brett Gunning: "Luis Scola backed down into the lane, made a move toward his left, then rapidly drove to his right, putting in a hook shot with a move that though strong and effective would never find its way onto the cable television highlight shows. But Yao Ming and Dikembe Mutombo, sitting on the Rockets bench a few feet away, noticed and quickly turned to offer congratulations -- to Shawn Respert. ... 'Oh my God, these guys have been unbelievable,' [Von] Wafer said. 'I have to attribute a lot of my success to those guys. Those guys have been right there in my ear since I got here, telling me positive things, telling me the things I have to do to get better. They've been unbelievable.'"

  • In the 74th game of the season, Mike Miller at lasts leads the Timberwolves in scoring for the first time (he tied once before). Britt Robson of Secrets of the City: "On the first play of the game, ex-Wolf Trenton Hassell backed Miller down in the post and then tossed in a lay-up. Perhaps it stung Miller's pride -- Hassell is if anything a defensive specialist who has slipped a notch. Whatever the motivation, Miller immediately took it strong to the hole and drew the foul. By the end of the period he had a team high 9 points -- more than he'd scored in any one of his previous 6 games. What's more, perhaps Miller saw that being more aggressive with his own shot opened up passing and assist opportunities he hadn't been getting -- his 5 assists today were his highest total in 5 games, and were barely besmirched by one measly turnover. Among the dimes was a beautiful bounce pass from the wing to a cutter on the opposite block for a layup. It is amazing how pretty that kind of play looks when you are not gritting your teeth at all the good shots he's passing up."

  • The value of being able to finish with the off-hand around the hoop.

  • A look at NBA players mentioned in rap tunes.

  • You know that gruesome video of Shaun Livingston's knee injury? I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it ... and neither has Shaun Livingston.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is LeBron James.