If I Do a Head Butt, I Break All of His Face

The Nuggets' Nene, when told that the Suns Louis Amundson had called him a "dirty player" and a "fake tough guy" after last week's headbutting incident, wanted to clear things up.

Of course Nene's not dirty! Or, something like that. Chris Tomasson of InDenverTimes reports:

"That was no head butt,'' Nene said. "That is nothing ... If I do a head butt, I break all of his face. That was nothing.''

This sure makes it easy for the referees, doesn't it? What could be simpler? Does Louis Amundson still have a face? OK then: No foul on Nene.

UPDATE: Thanks to TrueHoop reader Michael, for pointing out that Nene is channeling Russian mobster Sergie Malatov from the Wire: "Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? ... Then it wasn't us."