Dan Gilbert Speaks

In an interview with the Plain Dealer's Bill Lubinger, Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert addresses the economy, why Mark Cuban is the NBA owner he most identifies with, and why he wants to put a casino next to Quicken Loans Arena.

Gilbert also talks about the team's approach to keeping LeBron James, saying:

A lot of people think "We need an owner who can write a check." There's a lot of owners that write a lot of checks. Some are more frugal than others or whatever, but you really have to create an environment, culture, get the great people, the right people. [And] just as important as getting the right people is getting rid of the wrong people. . . .

Everything's philosophically driven. We just say, "Look, if we can create the best environment, the best franchise, a winning franchise in a city that I think loves its sports teams, then we're in the best chance and opportunity to not only keep our greatest people but to attract others." ... To me, it'll take care of itself.

And I love this quote about Coach Mike Brown:

I think I've interviewed probably 1,500 people in my 24-year business career. There's nobody to this day before or after that I came away more impressed with than this guy. He just had every tool in the toolbox. He's real, he's honest, he works his tail off, he's smart. He's a phenomenal people person. He's got a strong ego, so he doesn't do the things that people that don't have ego do. ...

Let's talk about us being in the finals two years ago. Go take a look at that roster and tell me if we had any business being in the finals. He is as good as it gets and he's only 39.