The Last Days of Louis Amundson's Flowing Locks

The energetic young Sun has been fingered as the primary suspect in a heavy duty popcorning of Shaquille O'Neal's van. (Filling the car with popcorn, by the way, accounts for, I think, 95% of NBA pranks.)

O'Neal is on Twitter and on video at the link above making sure everyone knows he was the victim of an Amundson prank.

O'Neal wants the world to know that it is not acceptable to mess with his car or his food, and there will be hell to pay tomorrow.

Amundson's motivation? Perhaps, O'Neal speculates, Shaq and his buddies messed with the young man's bicycle one too many times.

Amundson's punishment? O'Neal is on video conspiring to let the clippers (much worse than the Clippers, or not) do their thing to the young big man's dome in the morning. People have been appointed to hold Amundson down while O'Neal does the work.

For the Suns, this is the way the season ends: Not with a bang, but a buzz.