Tuesday Bullets

Kobe Bryant stops by the Twitter offices for a game of pop-a-shot. Warning: If you beat Kobe at anything, he won’t take it kindly. Another warning: Cursing happens in this clip.

Charles Barkley goes on Philadelphia radio, lays waste to the Sixers, establishes Philly as an Eagles town and finally, pokes fun at the analytics movement: “The guy, he came from Houston. When did Houston get good? When they went out and paid all that money [to] James Harden and [Omer] Asik, and now they went out and got Dwight Howard. That's got nothing to do with analytics, that’s got to do with paying really good players to come to town.”

• Mourners from all over arrive at the Hardwood Paroxysm roundtable to eulogize T-Mac’s career, including basketball historian Curtis Harris, who compares Tracy McGrady’s career to “The Critic.”

• Speaking of Tracy McGrady, do check out this clip of McGrady dominating the Pistons in Game 1 of their 2003 first-round against the Magic. Hear the opposing crowd murmur with excitement at young T-Mac’s virtuoso performance. Lament what might have been.

• Charlie Widdoes addresses the Knicks' defensive concerns on their website. Will Metta World Peace keep this squad competent on D?

• John Schuhmann of NBA.com notes that the very best teams have done little this offseason. The Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs are in the top four in returning players, adjusted for minutes played. The other? Strangely, the Charlotte Bobcats.

• In an inspired tweet, Yahoo’s Dan Devine calls Shaq “The NBA’s Stifler.”

• Kelly Dwyer looks into whether the emerging Jonas Valanciunas can finally save Raptors fans from a protracted misery.

• Not basketball, but Rob Neyer has some pointed words on how the anti-stats crowd can adopt the arrogance they accuse stat heads of exuding. The themes apply across sports.