Friday Bullets

• Zach Harper of CBS Sports takes you back in time. Why? Shawn Kemp. That’s why.

• Harrison Barnes talks with Jesse Taylor of WarriorsWorld about the latest "Breaking Bad" episode. Apparently, Barnes got to meet comedian Bill Burr, who plays Kuby on the show. “(Bill Burr) went off on how genius the writers are about everything. They really dig into proving the Internet naysayers wrong. Like the laying on the money scene with him and Huell. They went out, researched and measured exactly how big that pile would be for that exact amount of money. They didn’t just throw a pile of money in a storage room and say it was a certain amount. Also, how much time it would take a guy like Walt to dig a hole by himself to bury all that money.”

• Did Kobe Bryant jump into a pool? Maybe, as @netw3rk says, “He fell into it.”

• We know Kevin Garnett will have limited minutes with the Nets, but how limited? And where should we see the effects of extra rest? Brian Faith of Brooklyn’s Finest analyzes the situation: “Using data from NBA.com/stats, Garnett’s offensive and defensive impact can be measured based on how many days rest he had before playing. Somewhat surprisingly his offense didn’t seem to suffer at all. Garnett actually raised his scoring efficiency in games in which he had zero days rest. In the 17 games he played on zero days rest he shot 55.8% from the field, compared to 47.8% from the field in his other 51 games. Small sample sizes surely play a role, but it’s still a large difference in conversion rate. Garnett was most affected on the defensive end and on the glass in these short rest situations. His individual defensive rating rose slightly to 98.0 with zero days rest, but shot up to an eye-popping 108.6 in the February back-to-backs.”

• Marc Gasol is mean to the British.

• Tiago Splitter’s career, reviewed as though it’s an album.

• In an interview with The Sporting News, Warriors GM Bob Myers reveals that he’s banking on Andrew Bogut’s health: “At this point, you treat him like he is 100 percent healthy, that is what he is saying, that is what the medical staff is saying, so, you don’t treat him any other way. Maybe the question is, do you want to play him 35 minutes? But that is a question for any center. It is not due to anything with his injury. We’re approaching it like he is healthy.”

• Michael Pina of Celtics Hub is all for giving a contract extension to Avery Bradley. I mostly agree, but the caveat I’d add is that Bradley’s intense pressure style D could be unsustainable. It’s hard to envision a guy playing defense like that while staying healthy.

• Basketball writer and current Grantland writer Danny Chau is the future of food bloggery. Get on the bandwagon. Do it now.

• How was your summer, Minnesota Timberwolves?