When players talk like stat geeks

Kevin Martin spreads the gospel of team offensive efficiency at Timberwolves' media day:

It's a proven fact, if you hit a high free-throw percentage and you hit a lot of 3-pointers, then you're going to have one of the best offenses in the league. This game isn't really defined by the mid-range anymore, because that's such a tough, low percentage shot. You don't get beat by long two-point shots.

You know who disagrees? Lots of people, including NBA superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant. You know who agrees? Everyone who has ever delved into statistical trends in hoops. A lot of theories fall apart when you dig into the data. Shooting 3s and free throws ... that works.

Martin's own career-long high-efficiency is built on getting to the line a lot, which has not happened as much in recent years. Which Martin says had a lot to do with having a limited role alongside superstars in Oklahoma City:

That's a perception because I don't really do the rip thing. That's more of a Kevin Durant thing. You know, your role changed, and that's what happened to me over the past couple years, and all I can say now is I got my role back and I'm excited to start this next chapter.

Related: Martin also says reuniting with Rick Adelman, whose offense helps Martin get to the line, was no small part of his choosing the Timberwolves in free agency.