Big Baby Confronts Confrontation

This is probably meaningless.

But it sure jumped off the page this morning, as I was reading The New York Times.

Jonathan Abrams wrote a nice article about Rajon Rondo and his feistiness. (Making note, for instance, that in addition to clubbing Brad Miller, and checking Kirk Hinrich into the scorer's table, Rondo delivered a meaningful shove to Dwight Howard.)

The article has a quote from Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

Remember when Kevin Garnett made Big Baby cry?

Abrams quotes Davis on Rondo, and look who comes up:

"He's not confrontational, meaning he's not like Kevin Garnett. He doesn't initiate a lot of it. He's more laid-back. But if you come at him, he comes at you."

Doesn't it seem like Davis went out of his way to bring up Garnett?