The NBA Makes Its Rulings

  • Derek Fisher got a one-game suspension. He basically played DEA, and used his body as the battering ram to bust down the (somewhat flimsy) door at casa Luis Scola. Stu Jackson has pointed out that Fisher had no warrant for that kind of search.

  • Oh Rafer, Rafer, Rafer. Rafer Alston got the inevitable game suspension for his slow-motion re-jiggering of Eddie House's headband. Rafer, you know they have TV cameras at these games, right? It was basically a nothing move. Kevin Garnett hits his teammates harder in celebration of a good play. But it was 100% in violation of the NBA rules, and it was in high-def. So Anthony Johnson gets to play long minutes in Game 3. And for NBA fans, they get to see how even good rules don't always conform to common sense. Fair enough.

  • Kobe Bryant's non-call was upgraded to a Flagrant 1. I have been watching video of that play all day, and believe it or not still have no idea if punishing him for an elbow thrown to the chest -- which is essentially what they did -- is accurate or not. I expect and hope that the NBA had better evidence than we did, though. And even better: Could we see it? There are a lot of cranky fans who assume their team has been wronged. It would be a beautiful thing to put the aloe of real information on those wounds of victimhood.