Tuesday Mini-Bullets

  • Thought that occurred to me last night: Has Dirk Nowitzki ever played better? I know he is a legend for Game 7 against the Spurs in 2006 when he had 37 and 15. But last night he was making key defensive plays once in a while, too! He shot the lights out, played at his best when it mattered most, he got to the rim and truly looked like a player who would not let his team lose.

  • 2007 SEC Player of the year Chris Lofton. Made his name in Tennessee, raised in Kentucky ... and now making noises about joining the Turkish National team. (Thanks Serhat, for explaining this article in English.)

  • I once wrote a magazine profile of Michael Dickerson. Not sure where it is now, but I do remember essentially marvelling at a big strong guard who excelled at both ends of the court and said all the right things. Little did I know that by the time the magazine was distributed, his best days would be behind him, thanks to a relentless series of injuries. (A stress fracture in the groin?) He retired far too young. But now he's making one last serious attempt to rejoin the NBA.

  • This is a great thing the Thunder are doing. But somewhere, a PR expert dies a little inside reading the "Thunder to participate in Special Olympics" part of that headline.

  • Remember when the Wizards signed up Flip Saunders very quickly? The Kings have been a little slower to act, and now the Sixers appear to be joining the hunt for Eddie Jordan. (And here.) There's irony in this little cautionary tale, though: Before acting quickly on Saunders, of course the Wizards already had Jordan as their coach.

  • Pooh Richardson accused of helping an accused drug kingpin avoid arrest.

  • In which I pay off a bet by writing a story for Rockets.com about how great the Rockets are. Jason Friedman won the bet, but nevertheless had Von Wafer give him a haircut.