Late Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • Last night I basically convinced myself that the Lakers have now put the car into "drive" and are on rails to the Finals. Perhaps Houston had beaten them too well in Game 4, and the beast had finally been roused. Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold watches the team much more closely than I do, though, and he's hardly convinced: "Nearly a year-and-a-half ago I came to a rather Zen acceptance of Lamar Odom for who he is as a player -- both brilliant and mercurial. They are part of the same package, the yin and the yang. As a whole, he paints a fantastic picture, but if you live and die with him day to day as a fan, the frustration will overwhelm you. I am reaching the same place with this Lakers team as a whole. Beginning to accept that their Achilles' heel is focus and motivation, that it will come and go, and that will not change. During the regular season, two quarters of the good Lakers may often be enough, and during the playoffs it will not be. But I'm pretty much done talking about lessons learned, thinking this team has finally turned a mental corner, because I don't think it has and I don't think it will. I have no idea what to expect in game six. I know what to expect from the Rockets - they are a scrappy team that will come out and play hard, like their season is on the line. With the Lakers, I don't have a clue. It could be four quarters like Tuesday, although probably not. And I'm not at all convinced that the 'lessons' of this series will carry over to games against Denver or Cleveland. The Lakers could actually show up focused for all the games in the Finals, but that would be to me more a matter of circumstance than growth. These Lakers just are what they are. And I can accept that."

  • Thanks to Jason for pointing out a fantastic follow-up to yesterday's talk about 60-foot men. This is an article about how various huge and tiny creatures of Hollywood's past would have various physical problems.

  • Everyone seems to agree that the Magic's offense would have been better with more Dwight Howard touches and shots. John Hollinger looks at actual evidence and says: Really?

  • The Spurs need to get Manu Ginobili healthy. I know you already know that. But that link is to a really great dunk. He does a lot of things very well.

  • And along those lines, a highlight reel of the best of Derrick Rose in the playoffs.

  • The Kings' offical blog includes some comments from Geoff Petrie that makes it sound very positive for Eddie Jordan in Sacramento: "The meeting with Eddie went very well. We spent a lot of time discussing Eddie's offensive and defensive philosophies. He spoke about developing individual players, but playing within a team-oriented system. There was some video analysis as well as a lot of X's and O's breakdown on the white board. He displayed some very interesting insights in his analysis of our current roster. We also talked about his development as a coach over the years, and he provided his thoughts on how a young Washington Wizards team improved during his tenure into a team that made the Playoffs in four out of his five full seasons there. Joe and Gavin were very engaged during the meeting and asked some outstanding questions." After that, it would sure be hard to justify not making him an offer, right? (Via Sactown Royalty)