When Young Girls Watch the NBA

Who are their role models?

Referee Violet Palmer is not, as has been reported, leaving the NBA. She is merely taking on a second job coordinating college officials.

But during that moment when it looked like she was stepping down, I got an e-mail from TrueHoop reader Philip:

So I saw a news article saying Violet Palmer was leaving the NBA. Three months ago I would have said, "Woohoo!!! I can't stand her, she's terrible!!"

However, since our daughter was born a month and a half ago, now I'm thinking: Violet Palmer is the best female role model in the NBA for my daughter. When I take her to a game who else does she have to look up to? Dancers? Maybe ... I'll tell her that they are very talented to dance like that. And the stunt team girls. I can tell her that's what my wife used to do when she was a cheerleader in high school.

But man, these are all stretches.