Liveblogging 2009 NBA Finals Game 4

Look out Twitter. Game 3 was so active we got in trouble. And we're going to do it again! We're back for more, live from Orlando, where either the Stan Van Gundy mustache is catching on, or people actually think that's cool.

Game time is 9pm ET.

Henry Abbott Lakers still celebrating all over this court. The Denzel movie worked. Magic fans file out downcast. See you on Sunday.
Henry Abbott Rashard Lewis poked that ball into the open court. It bounced away from all Magic players. Pau closed on the ball, and a Laker title.
Henry Abbott Orlando ought to consider a quick shot to go two-for-one here.
Henry Abbott LA's whole O in the extra period: Two Kobe jumpers. Orlando's: 'Shard's 3, and one Howard free throw.
Henry Abbott Thorpe still here. Tied with 1:01 left. I'm guilting him into staying longer.
Henry Abbott It's 91-90 with 1:39 left in OT of an NBA Finals game. Thorpe is about to leave because he's worried about traffic.
Henry Abbott Laker offense is pretty simple in OT. Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe.
Henry Abbott Rashard missed an open Dwight Howard.
Henry Abbott Foul check: Bynum and Odom 5 each. Howard, Turkoglu and Gasol 4 each.
Henry Abbott 50% of the games in these Finals go to overtime.
Henry Abbott Turkoglu could have hit Lewis, in position to turn and fire from the left corner for the game for the third time in the playoffs.
Henry Abbott Jameer Nelson way too far away from Derek Fisher. Also, Ariza had the ball for an instant --- That would have been a good foul.
Henry Abbott Classic situation where the Hollinger foul was called for before the shot.
Henry Abbott Beautiful play by Lakers on O. Love the no timeout. Howard gets to try that free throw stroke again. Great foul by Bryant to ensure no dunk.
Henry Abbott Anyone remember repeated clutch blocks like this in a Finals game? Kobe bailed out of a drive seeing Howard coming. He has nine.
Henry Abbott That's kind of the opposite of winning by shooting 62.5%
Henry Abbott Magic shooting 44% from the floor, 29% from 3, 62% from line, and have 14 TOs. And tie game.

    Henry Abbott Dwight Howard heading to the line where he is four of nine.
    Henry Abbott Magic got lucky on that call. Turkoglu may have traveled, and possibly didn't have the ball when the whistle blew.
    Henry Abbott Rafer Alston benched. Jameer Nelson making a nice play.
    Henry Abbott Orlando 18-29 from the line. One point game.
    Henry Abbott Pau Gasol with a big play to keep Kobe's miss alive.
    Henry Abbott Scratch that, he has that point. Just needs to work on his blocks and turnovers. I'd make a great coach.
    Henry Abbott Dwight Howard is one point, three turnovers, and four blocks away from a super weird quadruple double.
    Henry Abbott Pietrus doesn't want to foul Kobe, but he can still put his arms up.
    Henry Abbott Kareem: @kaj33 Which team will give in to the pressure?
    Henry Abbott RT @KDonhoops Dwight Howard with as many turnovers (six) as the Lakers.
    Henry Abbott Lamar Odom 5 fouls. Bynum, Howard and Turkoglu each have 4. Gasol and Fisher 3.
    Henry Abbott Michael Pietrus is converting a very low rate on the break.
    Henry Abbott Memo to Lamar Odom: Hedo Turkoglu would like nothing more than to get you in the air. So stop trying to show him how high you can jump.
    Henry Abbott Turkoglu back and the Magic offense is looking much better already.
    Henry Abbott Great double and recovery by Jameer Nelson.
    Henry Abbott Trevor Ariza 2-3 from downtown. That makes things really easy for the Lakers. Gasol and Bynum combine for 9 measly shots. Opposite effect.
    Henry Abbott Thorpe: Magic not attacking ball screens. That's the mistake they made in Game 1.
    Henry Abbott RT @kaj33 Lakers down a dozen now up by one.. the "Dirty Dozen" allow Lakers to play better with a lead. I don't see the Magic joking now...
    Henry Abbott Once again, Bynum foul trouble brings in Odom, a move that may well improve the Lakers.
    Henry Abbott One point game! That was quick. Colossal mood shift in the building here. Lakers stepped up on O and D.
    Henry Abbott Four fouls on Hedo Turkoglu. Thorpe: "Wow is that a problem" for the Magic.
    Henry Abbott @bazabba Tonight's half-time show: http://bit.ly/Is30Q Red Panda http://bit.ly/vloZZ
    Henry Abbott Courtney Lee gets himself fouled, and keeps Pietrus standing at the scorer's table.
    Henry Abbott Consolidating half-time wisdom of @mhaubs Mariah Carey jersey dress > Red Panda > Quick Change
    Henry Abbott Setting up the half-time show. Same one we had last week. Been five or ten years since I saw a truly inventive great half-time show.
    Henry Abbott Foyle told us ( http://tinyurl.com/kny2tn ) lesson of Magic film session was to cut down Laker points in paint. That seems to be happening.
    Henry Abbott Howard's first field goal -- attack middle, baseline spin. He has 14 boards, four blocks, and 2.7 million fouls drawn.
    Henry Abbott Worth checking out @RicBucher -- has good stuff overheard and witnessed on sidelines.
    Henry Abbott Lots of Lakers standing around watching Kobe on that last Laker possession.
    Henry Abbott The rare 6-point turnaround. Alston's missed 3, Bryant's make.
    Henry Abbott Redick is playing so well, it's sure to re-unsettle (not a word, but fun) the Magic backcourt rotation.
    Henry Abbott Odom 3 fouls, Gasol and Bynum 2 each. Lee, Battie and Pietrus 2 each as well.
    Henry Abbott Gortat: One of the only NBA players with a tattoo of another NBA player. He has a little MJ on his leg.
    Henry Abbott Tony Battie is taking Gortat's minutes because he has a jumper. If he keeps hitting it, the assembled Polish media will be sad.
    Henry Abbott Kareem from the bench @kaj33 "Lakers are committing too many unnecessary fouls" Pau trying to stop Howard with two fouls.
    Henry Abbott Rafer and Jameer have both launched airballs already tonight.
    Henry Abbott What's not working: Lakers 0-3 from downtown. Magic: 4 turnovers. Only 3 Magic players with field goals. Pau: 2 shots, 2 misses.
    Henry Abbott Here comes J.J. Redick.Lee and Pietrus each with two fouls.
    Henry Abbott 11 rebounds in 9 minutes for Dwight Howard.
    Henry Abbott By the way ... on TrueHoop earlier mentioned the Laker field trip last night. They saw Denzel on the big screen: http://tinyurl.com/d8h57q
    Henry Abbott Dwight already has as many offensive rebounds at the Magic had in the whole first quarter of Game 3.
    Henry Abbott Laker D not leaving Rafer Alston anymore ... hence the limitless open 3s for Courtney Lee.
    Henry Abbott Brian Shaw said Kobe didn't like to make the pass that led to the assist. He made that pass on the first play. Coaching through media.
    Henry Abbott Phil Jackson on one-and-done: "I hope they make it two and done in the future. The near future."
    Henry Abbott "The one thing about our guys that I think I can count on is the fact that they won't think." -- Stan Van Gundy on tight shooters
    Henry Abbott The Magic dancers are wearing superman capes, as are the valets at my hotel. In this town, that signifies Dwight Howard.
    Henry Abbott Magic undefeated when that seven-year-old girl sings the anthem. If they lose tonight, is she back for Game 5?
    Henry Abbott @jasonSmckinney Oh, that's not creepy at all.
    Henry Abbott @gyt Kind of hope I do get busted again. It's a rare opportunity for a dad from rural New Jersey to feel dangerous.
    Henry Abbott Dwight Howard just hit a half-court shot. The place went nuts -- rare for a half-hour before tip-off, when in LA people are still on the 10.
    Henry Abbott "Kids should be going to college if at least part of what they want to do is get an education." -Stan Van Gundy, who calls age limit a sham.
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