Tuesday Bullets

  • I was out of my office for 12 days of the NBA Finals. Before I left, I had planned to water the hell out the three plants that have been to my left, clinging to life, for four years. Opening the office door, I worried I might encounter death. But you know what? They looked just about the same as when I left: Greenish yellow and obstinate. Which is a really good sign of their resiliency ... or a total indictment for how I care for them normally. In any case, they're in fat city now, with water, sunlight, and even a little fertilizer stick each. By draft day, it's going to be like a jungle in here.

  • Mark Cuban, on the radio, says he thinks it's likely the Mavericks could have traded Dirk Nowitzki for Kobe Bryant two years ago.

  • A very thoughtful review of Bill Laimbeer's six-and-a-half seasons in the WNBA, and the theory that he timed his resignation -- a week into the WNBA season -- as a way to ensure his former assistants would take over his titles as head coach (Rick Mahorn) and general manager (Cheryl Reeve). He has to be taken seriously as an NBA head coaching candidate.

  • You know what I'm hankering for? A big long video highlight reel of every great highlight of these playoffs. Anybody seen such a thing?

  • A report from an advance screening of the LeBron James documentary.

  • Florida point guard Nick Calathes has signed a professional contract to play in Greece, but is leaving his name in this year's draft. For some NBA teams, first-round draft picks are a burden, because whoever you take gets a guaranteed contract. If you're short of roster spots or money, selling or trading that pick can make some sense for that reason. Calathes is projected to be a late first-round pick and is a promising point guard with good size. The fact that he doesn't need to be paid immediately could, in this economy, make him extra attractive. So, my bet is that he'll make it into the first round not despite the fact that he's unavailable, but in part because of it.

  • The Celtics noodle with the idea of entering the 2010 free agent max-contract sweepstakes.

  • A video Valentine to Kobe Bryant.

  • Dahntay Jones is a pineapple.

  • Royce from Daily Thunder: "Having watched college basketball basically my entire life, it's easy to assume [NBA players] don't [play hard]. It's really one of the biggest complaints college ball lovers have. They don't play hard. They're just standing around. It's all 1-on-1. College offenses run a lot of sets and motion because there isn't the sheer skill. In college, there's really no isolation plays and there's a lot of zone played. So it's easy to assume that college players are playing harder when in reality, there's no difference. And then you've got the NBA 3-point line being further back so the spacing is better giving more opportunity for one-on-one or two-man games. I got the opportunity to sit basically courtside this year at a Thunder game. And let me tell you, those guys were playing freaking hard. People say all you need to watch in an NBA game is the fourth quarter because they don't try for the first three. This is something I'll never say again."