Late Thursday Mini-Bullets

  • How do we know Kevin McHale was not a good coach?

  • Britt Robson of Secrets of the City says McHale was the second-best coach in 'Wolves history, but still had to be fired: "The toxic public relations is reason enough to cut McHale loose, but that aspect is actually dwarfed in significance by the philosophical, hierarchical, and temperamental train wreck in the internal affairs of the Wolves braintrust that could have easily occurred if McHale had stuck around. As I've said many times before, what daft, self-destructive gene would compel a new personnel guru like Kahn to put the person who held his job for nearly 14 years on the sidelines in charge of molding and fulfilling his fresh blueprint for restoring the team to respectability? In case folks hadn't noticed, Kevin McHale is hardly a shrinking violet. Even after his longtime buddy and college teammate took over the coaching reins and guided the club to eight straight playoff appearances, the friction between the two men over how to manage the players both on the court and in the locker room steadily escalated, to the point where less than a year after Flip Saunders had his squad in the conference finals, McHale was bouncing him out the door and replacing him on the sidelines, resulting in bad blood and ill will that lingers to this day."

  • Video of Brandon Jennings in Italy. It's a highlight reel, and this his flaws are ignored. But let's be extremely clear: This man can do things that few can. The on-ball steals are crazy, and some of the ball-handling trickery is just weird. Like Chris Paul, it's almost too fast to identify what exactly he was faking ... but the defender certainly bit.

  • Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom follows a lead from Twitter and finds where Matt Barnes, Jason Thompson, Donte Greene and others were scrimmaging. A full breakdown, including this: "Matt Barnes' entire warm-up routine consisted of putting on his uniform, stepping onto the court, and making sure his shoes were tied."

  • If your Oregonian eighth grader was fluent in English and Chinese, got all As, was one of the best basketball players in the world at his age, and was really happy in Oregon, how would you handle an invite to an upstart all-expenses paid basketball-centric academy in Las Vegas? Moving the whole family there is probably one of the tougher, but better, options.

  • Zach Lowe of CelticsHub: "The fact that other teams overpaid mediocre players does not mean Eddie House is underpaid."

  • Ben from BlazersEdge runs down the lesser-known prospects working out for Portland tomorrow, and concludes: "Also invited to work out tomorrow are Gladys Fillmore, the friendliest cashier at the Lake Oswego New Seasons, and Curtis Jones, Bridgeport Cinema's Employee of the Month for May."

  • ESPN's Chad Ford (Insider) says Ricky Rubio has a bad cold that hampered his ability to impress Kings' officials.

  • Bloopers are still cool. Or they were always dorky. Either way, there was never any reason to stop watching them.

  • What huh? LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger wrote a book together? (Via a PG-13 Deadspin post.)

  • From Twitter: @sellouttrout asks: "Just curious, if you built a team in which every position was manned with people of the same last name, what last name wins?" I swear I wrote a post about this once. There are many teams with way better depth (Jones, Williams, Smith) but you have to at least consider the notion that DeAndre Jordan could be on the best single-name team ever.

  • Truth About It summarizes a joke Flip Saunders told: "A miracle worker decided to get the lay of the land. On the road, he met a man with the inability to walk, and healed him. He walked further and healed a blind man. Finally, he met a man who was crying hysterically. The miracle worker asked what's wrong and the man said he was a fan of the Washington Wizards. The miracle worker then sat right down and cried right with him."

  • UPDATE: LeBron James makes an unconvincing case that he isn't all that into spa treatments.