Friday Bullets

  • Amare Stoudmire tweets that his eye is going "great."

  • Meeting with season ticket holders, Minnesota GM David Kahn reportedly shoots down two rumors: That Al Jefferson will be traded and Mark Jackson will be the next coach.

  • If Marcin Gortat is the Polish Hammer, then I guess this guy is the Polish M.C. Hammer. What's hilarious is that the video is intended to honor Gortat -- but the higlights are so few and so tepid, it almost has an opposite effect. I believe he's actually much better than you'd think by watching this.

  • John Hollinger's Draft Rater (Insider) has Florida guard Nick Calathes as the sixth best college player in the entire draft. Calathes already has a contract to play overseas, which could make him the ideal pick for a team that wants to be good in the long run, but is holding its financial breath through this this bad economy. He's the only first-rounder who would cost nothing right now. There's a real economic analysis there, for a cash-strapped team. This draft pick would improve your bottom line by x million a year (insert guaranteed first-round salary that you'd save, depending on where he's picked), while still making you better in the long run. The guy you'd draft instead ... is he going to help you sell seats worth that same amount? Probably not.

  • David Berri joins Hollinger in thinking Ty Lawson has been underrated in mock drafts. Hollinger's Draft Rater has Lawson essentially in a tie with Blake Griffin as the best player in the draft.

  • The Lakers have the potential to pay the most luxury tax in NBA history next year.

  • A source tells the Boston Herald that Rajon Rondo will not be traded.

  • Pat Riley says the Heat wouldn't mind a first-round pick, but would rather buy one than trade for one.

  • Steve Kerr flew to New York yesterday for a quick meeting to talk contract extension with Steve Nash and his agent Bill Duffy.

  • You may have seen the report that Josh McRoberts has put on 20 pounds of muscle since the season ended. Is there a workout expert out there who can tell us if that's even possible? There are arguments about how much muscle a body can gain, and some say that a pound a week is about the max.

  • Nets may be willing to trade down.

  • UPDATE: "He Got Game" culminates in Ray Allen's character taking on Denzel Washington's character one-on-one. The script called for the younger man to win 11-0. But, Allen tells 1560 the Game in Houston (via Sports Radio Interviews's Tas Melas) that circumstances conspired to give Washington an unscripted hoop: "That day was a very windy day on Coney Island and it was four o'clock in the morning and we were trying to utilize all the night-time that we could. And so we're on Coney Island and it's windy as I don't know what, and the ball's like one of them balls that they used in the 'Fish That Saved Pittsburgh' it was so old. It was crazy because his first shot, I was supposed to beat him 11-0, and his first shot I'm guarding him, and it's exactly what you saw is what happened, but he shot the ball and the ball -- if you saw the ball from my vantage point the ball looked like it was about to hit the corner of the backboard -- then the wind just drew the ball off the glass and it went in the hole. And I'm sitting there thinking, 'Uhhhhh, cut! Cut!' That's not supposed to happen, what's going on, that's not supposed to happen! At that moment I was looking at Denzel like, 'This man is acting like he can play basketball now!'"