Monday Bullets

  • Missing from the 2009 draft process: Laser tag.

  • Phil Jackson on returning to the bench, as interviewed on ESPN Radio Chicago: "I have some medical issues that I have to resolve and I have to take care of those in the next couple weeks before I recommit to this thing. I'm emotionally tied to these guys. They've embraced what I try to do and they've embraced the way I try to do it, so that commitment's there. The organization is obviously behind what I want to do and they've extended that offer for continuing here, so that is all positive. It's just covering that hurdle. And, some of that's just getting old, and the wear and tear of the game, and the amount of flying that you do. You know, this 82 game pilgrimage that you go through before the playoffs even begin and the wear and tear and if that's a necessary part or if this is the time now to step back, and regard that as accomplishments done and sit back in the rocker and enjoy watching guys do this. But I'd still like to push on through another year if possible." (Transcribed by, and via, Sports Radio Interviews)

  • Stephen Curry raves about Gerald Henderson. Fire up all the Henderson video you can. I'm no expert on translating NCAA accomplishments into NBA potential, but to me the things he does well are things you can use in the NBA. He's long and athletic, works hard on defense, can play above the rim at both ends of the floor, hits shots stepping back and curling off picks, and is fast for his size.

  • Also, interesting, is that Stephen Curry has been rumored to be drafted by all kinds of different teams, but says he has only worked out for the Bobcats, Knicks, Nets and Kings. He talks about examining rosters for where he could fit in. UPDATE: He also worked out for the Wizards.

  • Comedian, writer and nerdy actor John Hodgman talks about the divide of our times: Jocks vs. Nerds. Barack Obama, in attendance, gets credit as the first nerd president. However, Hodgman questions his credentials: "Despite his Spockish calm and gangly frame, the president is known to dabble in sports. And not just bowling, but the hard stuff ... basketball."

  • Remember the NCAA tournament, when Michigan State center Goran Suton was such a handful, nailing 3s and grabbing rebounds? At that moment, it wasn't hard to see such a skilled and big player (with an amazing tale) being a high draft pick. But the NBA is a different beast, and Suton just barely cracks Chad Ford's second-round mock draft (Insider), at #56.

  • Mark Cuban gets all upset about how unfounded rumors sometimes make it into sports journalism.

  • TrueHoop reader Jeff has an interesting idea. Anyone know where he can see how many combined NBA minutes a certain NBA draft class has played? Be interesting to see if in their first three years the class of 2004 played a total X minutes, while the class of 2002 played 1/2 x.

  • Remember when the draft was a zillion rounds long? Here's a great tale of a guy getting drafted in the late rounds. Larry Brown had just left UCLA to coach the Nets, and just for fun, he drafted UCLA's team manager, who wasn't even a serious basketball player.

  • This year's rebounders. (Thanks Rick.)

  • NBA rules prohibit trading your first-round pick in consecutive years. The Lakers have traded away their 2008 and 2010 picks. So they have to keep this one. But they don't want guaranteed salaries. It's a perfect recipe for taking a player to stash overseas.