Bruce Bowen Waves a Classy Goodbye

There has been some speculation that longtime Spur Bruce Bowen might be waived by Milwaukee and return to San Antonio, but there are two mild indications that won't happen:

I never thought that so many good things could happen after 30 years of age. Boy was I wrong! I've been able to be part of a great city and community. I've been able to take action in helping those less fortunate, partner up with many great companies, start programs aimed at helping our youth, and many other wonderful things. By me and my family being here, all these wonderful things have taken place in our lives, and we truly appreciate it San Antonio. ... This is where my family and I reside, there are more pressing things taken place in our world, so please just smile and remember that each and everyone of you played a vital role in the family man that I've become.

(Many thanks to Tim for alerting me to the Bowen post.)