The Goofy Guide to the NBA Draft

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

You've reviewed the prospects' measurements. You've seen their projections as pro players. You've watched the buttoned-up interviews. But have you seen Stephen Curry's foray into variety comedy? Or caught a glimpse of James Harden's biggest (smallest) fan?

Stephen Curry
The jokesters at The Davidson Show put together a variety show of produced video segments several times a year. They scored last fall when they booked Stephen Curry and some of his teammates as the guest hosts of Episode 5, whose opening segment includes Curry reading an issue of Seventeen magazine in the Davidson library:

Hasheem Thabeet
Who doesn't love an innocent April Fool's joke? Probably not UConn head coach Jim Calhoun ... or anyone in close proximity to Storrs, Connecticut, at least when the prankster is Hasheem Thabeet and the premise is the big man's Twitter account and a failed drug test:

OMG!!! Why Me? SO I Failed Drug Test.. NOt GOIn To Detroit.. MY Boys Do IT for ME!!! f---in suprise drug test!!! ahhh My Life SUCKS!!!

Read more about Thabeet's nutty April Fool's joke here.

James Harden
A little kid named Santiago expresses his love for all things James Harden:

Blake Griffin
Royce Young of Daily Thunder grew up around the Griffin brothers in Oklahoma City. Royce is closer in age to Taylor, Blake's older brother, so he didn't have as many dealings with Blake. But Royce recounted this story about the two things Blake remembered about him when they crossed paths last year:

I joined a new team the next summer and while Taylor was in a Bible study with me at church and we still hung out now and again, I really never saw Blake again. Except the first time I interviewed him on campus last year, he remembered me. He looked and me and said, "Hey, you're Royce Young. You played baseball with Taylor. Good to see you man.” I shook his hand and said the usual crap, but seriously, this guy is going to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, and he remembers me? He even remembered something Taylor and I did. "Didn't you go TPing with my brother? And didn't you guys get caught or something?” Yes, yes we did. On both accounts.

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