Marc Stein, Live Tweeting from Steve Nash's Charity Soccer Game

In downtown Manhattan, Marc Stein is once again playing in Steve Nash's magnificent soccer charity game, featuring players like Nash, Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Chris Bosh, Raja Bell, Claudio Reyna, Thierry Henry, Javier Zanetti, Salomon Kalou, Ryan Babel, Giovanni van Brockhurst, Mathieu Flamini, Ivan Cordoba, Adrian Mutu and others. He has his Blackberry and is ready for action. Follow his commentary here or on Marc's Twitter feed.

Marc Stein Why? Because as I tweeted earlier, was NEVER a PK. Touch foul in NBA parlance. So the goal was wiped away in some sort of secret HT ruling
Marc Stein Small measure of Showdown redemption for me. Later explained to me that the score was 3-3 at HT because Nash's PK was struck from the record
Marc Stein Tweeting/live-blogging portion of the show now over. If there are further developments from here, will send them out ASAP
Marc Stein Everyone wanted Bosh to get one. He's getting a lot of commiserations from the fellas
Marc Stein Still trying to determine the score. All I know is Team Reyna won to avenge last year. Nash says it was 8-5. Leaving the scene. Team bus
Marc Stein Sandri teed up by Henry. A sentence I never thought I'd write. His back heel wasn't up to the moment
Marc Stein Have to admit that I've completely lost track of the score. Will try to figure it out ASAP
Marc Stein All the efforts to get Bosh a goal before the finish look like they will go for naught. Bosh puts a header over at the death
Marc Stein Reyna overcooks one to Bosh. Again. Bosh finally did get a shot on goal that got a standing O
Marc Stein Grant Hill gets one after a DREADFUL miss rebounds off the keeper right back to him. Scores at the second attempt
Marc Stein Blues walk one win. Reyna with the finish. Team Reyna's dominance starting to tell. Nash and Co said the Blues were the favorites
Marc Stein Mutu tap-in. Blues have a 5-s lead according to the ref. Even though I think it's 5-5. Not that the score matters, right? It's for charity
Marc Stein Blues up 4-3, Reyna finishes off a nice move. Team Nash goes right back down to get Henry on the scoresheet on a tap-in
Marc Stein Henry is starting to turn on the magic. Tricks and flicks
Marc Stein Not what the fans wanted to hear: The two keepers are the top MOM contenders. They've been brilliant
Marc Stein Henry hasn't changed the game. Yet. Kalou nearly finishes a beautiful back heel from Reyna at the far post
Marc Stein Blues have an extra man on the field. Ref hasn't realized it
Marc Stein Second-half surprise: Henry is on for Team White. Playing in black high-top Reeboks. He just couldn't resist
Marc Stein The ref who wrongly gave me a PK -- Nash said I didn't foul him -- says score is 3-3. It seems like Team Nash has a bigger lead
Marc Stein Let me rephrase that. Dad would be proud until I tell him I missed a good chance on my first touch
Marc Stein My dad will be proud. Went on for a Romanian legend: MUTU!
Marc Stein Bosh to the bench: "What am I looking like on the stat line?" Mutu fires the Blues into a 3-2 lead from close range
Marc Stein Quarino with another double save to foil both Nash brothers. This game has some serious D. Still 2-2 as the first half winds down
Marc Stein Nash on the volley and Flamini, too. One miss and one save. Still 2-2.
Marc Stein Blues are letting Davids tire himself out on the dribble. Another fine save by Quarino
Marc Stein Grant got hia nutmeg. On Bosh. Don't know if CB4 is gonna have fond memories of NY after this
Marc Stein Give Bosh credit, tho. He's still running. Still trying to get forward for a goal. Babel just broke TP's ankles like TP does in his day job
Marc Stein Bosh teed up beautifull by Mutu. Poor big man couldn't convert
Marc Stein Grant Hill foiled again. Bosh loose in the back again. Martin Nash was too kind not to punish the Raptor's error
Marc Stein Reyna cross too high for Bosh at the far post. Which means, yeah, he overhit that
Marc Stein Parker with another scuffy finish. But we'll take it. 2-2.
Marc Stein But when Blues don't clear, unfortunate own goal for CB4. Whites lead 2-1.
Marc Stein Quincy Owusu Abeyie is our late roster. Kalou just replaced him. Quarino huge save on drive by Davids,
Marc Stein Kalou off the Blues bench. Wins instant free kick
Marc Stein Gorgeous Blues build up. Zanetti long ball, flicked on from Mutu, Reyna's header well saved
Marc Stein Whites on the counter. Nash to Nash. Martin's low drives saved nicely by Quarino
Marc Stein Much slower pace than last year. Don't really know why. Mutu clever back heel saved by Santoro
Marc Stein S Nash just missed a sitter. Right in front of goal. I will be reminding him of that later
Marc Stein 1-1. Flamini just uncorked a vicious volley off a sweet lob from Babel. On these small goals, not easy
Marc Stein Some stepovers from Tony. Martin Nash lets him get away with it
Marc Stein Blues lead 1-nil. Early in the first of two 30-minute halves
Marc Stein Nash just put Babel clean through on goal. Heavy touch from the Liverpool winger lost the chance
Marc Stein I knew Bosh would get love from Knicks fans fantasizing. But he's definitely man of the people every touch
Marc Stein Bosh has apprently never played. And is wearing running shoes. Reyna takes the ball of Hill's toes as Grant squares to shoot
Marc Stein Slow, cagey start. Parker fires the Blues into a 1-nil. GK probably should have done better. Blues are trying to bring Bosh into the game
Marc Stein One sad note: Henry starts on the white bench. With an injury.
Marc Stein Game is underway. Mercifully on the bench. We had 11th hour reinforcements so I can tweet
Marc Stein Jason Kidd and Raja Bell are late scratches, so I'm being moved up the depth chart
Marc Stein Unforseen development: Might be playing more than I thought, which will limit my tweeting ability. When I'm out, I'll tweet as much as I can
Marc Stein Stands behind a goal. Real cameras overhead. This thing is getting serious. More police, too, so hanging on trees and fences is out
Marc Stein Grant is blowing me away. Absolutely shocking me. Regaled Babel with tales of watching Dutch legend Johan Cruyff with the Washington Dips
Marc Stein Highlight of the bu
s ride over: Hearing Grant Hill and Liverpool's Ryan Babel trade notes.
Marc Stein So much is happening I don't know what to tweet first. Field is flooded with people interviewing the stars or swamping them for autographs
Marc Stein Surreal. Even more surreal than last year. They built amazing stands ringing the field. Kids everywhere
Marc Stein We're almost at the field, which is apparently soaked. Should make things even wilder than seeing NBA and footy stars meet and greet
Marc Stein Both teams on the same bus. LOTS of talent in here. And someone who feels a little out of place. Almost to the rain-drenched field
Marc Stein Bus is loading up. Both teams sharing one bus. Someone doesn't belong on here
Marc Stein One small (actually not so small problem): It's still raining in NYC. Game will go on in the rain but it's going to be slippery
Marc Stein Tony Parker . . . Much more psyched for the Richard Jefferson trade than finding out I'm his teammate for the day
Marc Stein Tony Parker . . . slightly more psyched about the Richard Jefferson trade than finding out I'm his teammate for a day
Marc Stein I was under the impression that I would be less nervous this time having played last year. WRONG!!!
Marc Stein Me? Jealous that Sandri, now of Gazzetta dello Sport, played professionally in Serie B and Serie C. Journalist who played pro footy. Legend
Marc Stein Tony Parker and Thierry Henry just arrived. Tony made a beeline for the great Simone Sandri, recognizing him from NBA TV.
Marc Stein Turns out G-Hill has a real soccer background. Not only vowing to meg me but says he's a longtime fan of the MISL's Baltimore Blast. Props
Marc Stein Teams are subject to change depending on events beyond my control. But I think those are the lineups
Marc Stein Team Reyna (blue): Claudio, J. Zanetti, R. Cordoba, Adrian Mutu, Salomon Kalou, Chris Bosh, Tony Parker, Me (gulp) and Mike Quarino in goal