Tuesday Bullets

  • A lot of rookies arrive in the NBA to quotes like "he'll need to add some muscle." Holy cow. I dare anyone to say that to new Bobcat Derrick Brown.

  • John Krolik of Cavs the Blog on the newly available Charlie Villanueva: "Most 'shooting' big men settle for universally inefficient mid-range jumpers, which makes going to them on spot-up looks a poor play over time. Charlie V's ability to shoot the three makes him one of the best-shooting bigs in the league; his 46.2% eFG on jumpers means he's more efficient from outside than Kevin Garnett, LaMarcus Aldridge, Big Z himself, Jeff Green, Udonis Haslem, Lamar Odom, David West, Chris Bosh, Antawn Jamison, the list goes on. Only a few starting big men are better outside shooters than Villenueva, and most of them are well-known three-point assassins: Rashard Lewis, Troy Murphy, Dirk Nowitzki, et al. So the ability to stretch the floor would definitely be the biggest point in Charlie V's favor."

  • The trailer for the documentary about LeBron James in high school.

  • Don't we all suspect that the best coach hired this off-season will prove to have been Flip Saunders? With that in mind, the Pistons are in the market for a coach, having fired the guy they hired after firing Flip Saunders. You see what I'm saying? Isn't there a chance they would have been better just keeping him?

  • An asset the Suns have that isn't so obvious: Ben Wallace's expiring contract. Here's the suggestion that could be enough to get Tyson Chandler from the Hornets who have demonstrated a commitment to saving money.

  • Rod Thorn is talking about having the cap space to sign two max free agents in the mighty summer of 2010. Dr. LawyerIndianChief of FreeDarko writes, of that draft class: "I'm so f'ing sick of the 'alluring 2010 offseason' I could vomit up fishbones. Beyond the top three 2010 FAs on this list (Bosh, LBJ, Wade -- the former of which are not going anywhere anyway), is there ANY body that you would want your team to throw Rashard Lewis money at? Most of these guys have are gonna be old or have a history of injuries. And any now-monetarily satiated star who is slightly appealing (e.g. Dirk) isn't going to be looking to play in Milwaukee or Minnesota ... they're gonna be looking to go somewhere to get a ring." In some cases, I think dreams of 2010 are just the most palatable way to sell the idea to fans that in a bad economy you have to slash salaries. Also, cap space is good for way more than just All-Stars, and year of lop-sided trades could be a beautiful thing.

  • More on Hedo Turkoglu.

  • More evidence the Blazers really did try to get Shaquille O'Neal. If Portland denies it, I'd imagine that's to protect the psyche of their roster.

  • For years the notion has been that the poor Jazz might lose Carlos Boozer for nothing. Now it almost sounds like they'd be hurt most if he decides to stay.

  • If you are offered Rajon Rondo ... say yes.

  • How long it takes things to happen in NBA games, in graphs.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remembers Michael Jackson: "own experience with the corrosive effects of fame and lack of anonymity made me view his circumstances with a lot of compassion. I got to know Michael when he was just a boy around 10 years old working with the Jackson Five. My good friend, Bill Cosby use to pick up the Jackson kids on many Sundays to take them to play basketball. When I wasn't playing for UCLA I would always join them for this Sunday tradition."