Leon Powe is Unemployed

Forward Leon Powe played hard for the Celtics on a rookie contract. He helped them win a title. His coach called him a kid who had "done everything right."

And in the course of duty, he severely messed up his knee. Shortly after that, as luck would have it, his contract then came to an end just when he was due to get his first really big contract (his salary has always been six figures, not the seven he had coming).

There is certainly no legal obligation for the Celtics to extend Leon Powe a qualifying offer, to keep him employed as he rehabilitates. But is there an ethical one?

Powe's agent, Aaron Goodwin makes the case that extending a qualifying offer would have been the proper course of action:

What does it say when a player like Leon Powe, a great human being, who played through injury and pain for three straight years for the Boston Celtics, including in a playoff game after tearing his ACL, is rewarded by the team saying to him "we only have a short window to win, and you are not a part of our plans because you are now injured."

It shows you the true state of the NBA.

The Celtics are traditionally a class act. I have great respect for the organization as a whole, but they truly missed it on this one.