If a Superstar Gets Dunked On In the Woods ...

Gary Parrish of CBSSports wrote yesterday:

The word when I arrived at the LeBron James Skills Academy was that Monday's best highlight came in a pick-up game featuring the college players and James himself. According to the collection of NBA scouts and other folks here, Xavier's Jordan Crawford dunked on James pretty good. So I had to find out whether it was true.

"It happened, and it was bad," said Michael Gilchrist, the top player in the Class of 2011. "That was something to see."

Wouldn't you love to see video of that? Today Parrish follows with a report, quoting a camera operator and others, saying that Nike confiscated videotapes of the moment in question.

At some point, confiscating the tapes could make LeBron James look worse than just letting people see it, I imagine

Until we can see that Jordan Crawford dunk, here are some others.

UPDATE: The internet is amazing, and instantly we have a photoshop of what might have happened.

And, a thought: What's wrong with getting dunked on? If you make aggressive plays at the rim, it's going to happen once in a while. What's shameful is not making aggressive plays at the rim.