David Thorpe Livetweeting from Summer League

David Thorpe's Day 3 insights from courtside at the Orlando Pro Summer League (which you can also follow on Twitter).

His Day 1 coverage is here, Day 2 is here, and here's a preview, a schedule and results, and the address where you can watch the games for free online.

  • I have to go home to see my family. Sorry to cut this short. Tune in Friday for Vegas action.

  • I see Bill Walker make amazingly athletic plays. On offense.
    Westbrook could be a very skinny guy. He's not. That should be a lesson to other guys with similar builds.

  • Good defense always starts with great starting positions, both individually and with all 5 guys. The Thunder, collectively, get that.

  • I think they struggle most with when to call blocking falls on bigs who aggressively hedge ballscreens.

  • Fans think the block/charge call is the hardest to make. Refs say officiating the post is toughest. Know what I think?

  • Swift and Fazekas just can't move.

  • The Celtics, in season, give clinics with their big men showing and recovering on screens. This week, not.

  • Livingston can be terrific on defense. He was for LA.

  • Hudson has been a steals leader in college for 2 years. It's because he hounds the hell out of the ballhandler. I love that.

  • Swift deserves credit-he's worked hard at building up his body.

  • Westbrook always has to be accounted for on the offensive glass. Lester Hudson must not have been keeping track of my rookie reports.

  • Shaun Livingston is back. He's playing every other day since they are playing in Vegas too.

  • Robert Swift does not.

  • Westbrook has a chance to be a all-defenive team guy.

  • OK city vs. Celtics.

  • I think Hibbert can be a starter for a good team if only he could move better in tight spaces. I'd try anything I were him to get quicker.

  • Especially if Roy could only eat what he catches.

  • Remember how Mickey had Rocky chasing chickens to prepare for Apollo's speed? I'd do that with Hibbert. His nimbleness would improve a ton.

  • Izzo is a genius because he helped Suton look terrific. He needs Izzo now. He is a scrappy guy though.

  • Hansbrough is tough to guard on the perimeter, if pressured. He takes big steps and eats up space fast. At the rim sooner than you'd think.

  • I like seeing Hibbert extend his defense when necessary, but I know why he likes to stay inside. He is a formiddable presence.

  • Suton has a lot of holes in his game. Izzo is a genius.

  • Hansbrough is simply too anchored to the floor to be a good rebounder. But he can train to get better at being a "quick jumper".

  • Eric Maynor, like most guards, keeps his hands too low when defending the ball. He'd be more of a pest with hands wide. Deflections!!

  • Tyler just got a steal off a post denial. Smart!

  • Josh Duncan is such a solid defender.

  • Derek Brown has the ability to be a great help blocker. Think Josh Smith (lite version).

  • But I don't think he knows that yet.

  • It will be interesting to see if NBA players will foul Hansbrough often as a rookie. He's a foul magnet, but will he be as a rookie?

  • Maynor just learned a big nba lesson; "drivers must always account for shot blockers". And Hibbert is the blocker in this equation.

  • Hibbert is moving better, without doubt. He has to keep "valuing" that, and not just focus on skill.

  • Hansbrough plays behind his man in the post. Poor decision now. Worse during the season, unless it's part of a bigger plan.

  • Hibbert would be an immeasurably better defender if he would work on sliding faster on d. I think he can get better there.

  • So it's not going to be a good "tweet" day for Goran Suton.

  • Today is all about defense and rebounding. Hope it's not boring.