Washington Times to Dixon and Blake: Good Riddance

Tom Knott of the Washington Times isn't crying over the depature of Wizards Juan Dixon and Steve Blake.

Whenever Dixon entered the game in the Wizards-Bulls playoff series last spring, the eyes of Bulls coach Scott Skiles would reveal traces of glee. The backcourt players of the Bulls attacked Dixon with uncommon passion. It was ugly. It was unfair. But that is the NBA. There is nothing egalitarian about it.
If you have a weakness, it will be exposed.
And so it was with Dixon and Blake.
The adulation spent on them was misplaced, misguided, and the Wizards are stronger by subtraction in this case.
Dixon was ever more delusional with the Wizards, as blind as his supporters.
Confidence is a funny thing. Coaches want players to be confident. They also want them to have a clue.
Dixon came to believe in the power of his career .396 shooting percentage, however one is swayed by that cold number.

Thanks Joe for the link.