Grant Hill: Dwyane Wade Best

I've been pumping the idea that Dwyane Wade has the potential to be the best player in the NBA soon. Possibly even this season. I got my ESPN magazine today. In there Grant Hill tells Dan Le Batard it has already happened.

So, Grant--Wade or league MVP Steve Nash?
"Wade," Hill says.
Wade or LeBron?
"Dwyane," Hill says.
Wade or Allen Iverson?
"Wade," Hill says.

Hill lets this progression marinate for a second. He scans the most recent playoff rosters in his mind. Ray Allen's team. Amare's team. Duncan's team. And, yeah, Shaq's team. Before you can ask any more comparative-shopping questions, Hill comes right out and says it: during last spring's playoffs, Wade was, flat-out, no question, the best basketball player in the world.

"Period," Hill says.