Yet Another Fresh Start for Sebastian Telfair

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

No kid in the history of high school athletics saw his young career chronicled with more fanfare than Sebastian Telfair. Ian O'Connor's The Jump, and Jonathan Hock's documentary Through the Fire both captured Telfair's senior year at Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island, where Telfair was preparing himself to be basketball's next great phenom. Before Telfair ever suited up in an NBA uniform -- he was drafted 13th overall by Portland in the 2004 draft -- he'd already secured a eight-digit endorsement deal with Adidas, and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Thursday afternoon, Sebastian Telfair was introduced as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, his fourth team in a five-year NBA career. The module on the front page of the Clippers' website highlighting the press conference features a picture of Craig Smith -- Telfair's teammate in Minnesota, who was part of the deal between the T-Wolves and the Clippers. To find Telfair, you have to click on the hyperlink of the story, which will first take you to a video in which Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy refers to Telfair as his new backup point guard. Finally, in the video carousel below, you'll find Telfair's interview.

Expectations are among the most hardest things in life to manage, and Telfair's attempts to live up to the hype surrounding his amateur career have been difficult. He's still only 24, but his career 38.9 percent field goal percentage and 13.4 points per 40 minutes have relegated him to secondary status, at least for the time being.

Following his press conference with the Los Angeles media, Telfair addressed issues past and present with TrueHoop: