Monday Bullets

  • A compelling case that Shaquille O'Neal should come off the bench in Cleveland.

  • The season's best buzzer beaters. Remember the Devin Harris miracle? That came in third, a notch ahead of Brandon Roy's long turnaround 3 to beat the Rockets in overtime. Can you guess the two that came before it?

  • Luol Deng announces he'll sit out the British national team this summer. From a transcript of the press conference: "With the pace I'm going right now I should be healthy enough to play in training camp and in the season, I'm just not 100 percent right now, but I am able to put more pressure on my foot, which I wasn't during last season. I should be healthy for the NBA season. ... The Bulls were very supportive, indeed they have been very supportive since day one in terms of playing with GB. They never had any problems with it and every year that I played with GB I came back and I played for the Bulls, and I played well and I played well with GB. It is actually good for me to play in the summer as I am able to keep in shape. The decision was mine, I knew that if I am not 100% then playing for GB would not be a good idea because I would not be starting the season 100% either. If I was healthy I would definitely be playing and I'm sure the Bulls wouldn't mind it, but because of my injury, it changed a lot of things."

  • Michael Tillery of the Starting Five talks to Chris Webber: "Are you satisfied with your career? Yeah definitely! I would love to have won a championship and I wish I didn't have certain injuries I had. I thinking about bad ankle sprains ... probably missed seventy games with that, shoulder injuries ... sixty games with that ... my knee ... sixty games. You look at what you could have done in that time. I lasted 15 years and you are going to have some bumps and bruises along the way. I just thank God for giving me the opportunity. In the beginning, all I wanted to do is get drafted ... be a draft pick. Came close to winning a championship. I'm definitely happy with my playing days."

  • Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 on Darren Collison: "Collison got the starting point guard position his sophomore year, and over the next couple years UCLA brought in flashy new point guard recruits to try and take his job. (Russell Westbrook and Jrue Holiday.) Both players ended up as lottery draft picks. Neither player threatened Collison's job. Don't sleep on him."

  • Don't forget that international basketball is getting some rules changes to become more like the NBA.

  • The Nets would be better with a healthy Eduardo Najera. He's not just a big tough guy anymore, remember. He's a big tough guy who can shoot 3s.

  • The all-time European basketball team.

  • Word that Andre Miller was the player Portland coach Nate McMillan wanted all along. Before the Miller signing, all kinds of people told me Miller would not fit in Portland -- he needs to run to be at his best, and McMillan is very controlling of pace. But if Miller is McMillan's guy, perhaps this is the move to inspire the Portland coaching staff to place more trust than ever in its players.