Tuesday Bullets

  • Some grumbling about the Team USA role earned by the Raptors head coach. Jay Triano works for Bryan Colangelo, whose dad is Jerry Colangelo, who runs ... Team USA.

  • Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference digs deep into the numbers on new Spur Richard Jefferson: "The bottom line is that Jefferson is a nice, efficient offensive player when he's not the focal point and he has a good passing PG to set him up, and luckily the Spurs pass on both counts, so he'll be a boon to a San Antonio offense that's been merely average for a few years now. The real question, though, is how much he has left in the tank defensively, and whether he can reclaim his pre-injury form at that end. With Bowen gone and Finley on his last legs, the Spurs need a bounceback performance from Jefferson on D for this trade to truly pay big dividends."

  • Allen Iverson ... and a zillion other free agent guard alternatives for the Clippers.

  • You notice that the Nets are really talking up Jarvis Hayes?

  • This is PG-13 for language, but it's also hilarious and amazing. Delonte West, freestyle in the KFC parking lot. Just think, if the chicken could be grilled faster, the world would have been robbed of this great moment. (Thanks Seth.)

  • When Tyson Chandler was traded away from Chicago, he was bitter. With New Orleans in the rearview mirror, he has nothing but nice things to say about his ex-city and teammates.

  • If every team ends up in need of corporate sponsors for their jerseys, some suggestions as to which corporations each team should approach.

  • European star Stefano Mancinelli reportedly chooses Armani Jeans over the NBA.

  • CelticsHub to Shelden Williams: "Here's the deal, Shelden: You can play for the Boston Celtics provided you stop taking jump shots unless absolutely necessary. And by absolutely necessary I mean the shot clock is running down and ... that's really about it."

  • Dave from BlazersEdge on seeing NBA players in public: "Reflecting on spending time with my son and how precious that is (in every sense of the word) made me think about all of these Blazers who have children of their own and all of the time they have to spend away from them. I think if I saw Brandon Roy out in public alone I'd feel fine about saying, 'Hey, Brandon!' and thanking him for what he does. But if I saw Roy out with his kids, you know what? I'd leave them alone no matter how much I wanted an autograph and even if I felt this was my only chance to see him ever. ... We get what we need by watching him on the basketball court. [His kids] need so much more."

  • Steve Perrin of ClipsNation on how he became a Clipper fan. A key factor: "They were there."

  • A good roundup of the state of Ramon Sessions as of this morning.

  • Officer, if you're really going to get Jared Dudley in legal trouble for playing wiffle ball in the street, you're going to have to lock me up, too.

  • Brian Robinson of Save Our Sonics: "I do not believe that we have any shot at getting a new NBA team while we have this mayor in office."

  • Mike Trudell of Lakers.com tackles this question from a reader called Stanley: "Jay-Z has seemed to have aligned himself with LeBron James (he's in his new video) and Lil' Wayne made the song called 'Kobe Bryant' ... So who wins that battle, and what's your take on arguably the two best rappers in the industry using the two best basketball players on the planet to sell records?"