Secret Video of Jason Williams' Knick Workout

Real time doesn't do it justice. It's amazing to watch one of the NBA's great ball-handlers work in slow motion.

In all seriousness, this is from Kottke and it's actual video of actual robots!

When they come for our jobs, apparently they'll first come for our jobs dribbling balls (as far as I'm aware, there's no money in that flipping-the-pencil-or-chopstick-around-in-your-fingers routine).

This is funny, but also ... At some point in the future don't you just know we'll debate whether or not it's fair for someone to play in the NBA with robot hands (or feet, or knees, or brain) in place of the real deal? When that happens, the controversies over Casey Martin's golf cart or Oscar Pistorius' prosthetic legs will seem quaint.