Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • I have heard teams hate aspects of being on national TV ... changing start times on ticketholders, messing with the local broadcast and various other demands take their toll. On the other hand, it's prestigious, to be sure. Houston GM Daryl Morey's reaction, by e-mail, to word that his Rockets will be on ESPN, ABC and TNT a combined zero times in 2009-2010: "It is good. Jeff Van Gundy will not be able to give away secrets on how to beat us next year."

  • The best athletes, in general, are getting bigger. An interesting article from the New Yorker archives about what it is that makes some cultures grow taller over time.

  • This year's All-Star break, when most NBA players look for something fun to do, happens to coincide with Mardi Gras. Yet another chance for the NBA to help the local economy.

  • Joakim Noah and Tony Parker had been slated to star for the French national team. Parker is set to return to action soon, but Noah is headed home to prepare for the NBA season. There are reports that the Bulls called Noah home, but sources say Noah and the Bulls always intended for him to play just a few weeks.

  • Al Harrington says that he doesn't feel Don Nelson respected him as a man, and he had to get out of Golden State before he did something he regretted.

  • Section 214 of Sactown Royalty: "Remember the old westerns, when one cowboy would say, 'Awfully quiet out here,' and the other cowboy would say 'Yeah, too quiet,' and then one of the cowboys would take an arrow through his chest? It's been awfully quiet about Sergio Rodriguez lately."

  • Searching for hoops in Pisa, Italy.