Late Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • Imagine your laptop was stolen. Bummer right? Has happened to a lot of people. Now, imagine there were embarrassing pictures on that laptop. And imagine you're famous like Baron Davis. Hmm ... what does that mean? Apparently that means it's time to call your lawyer.

  • San Antonio's Peter Holt is one of those owners who has recently started trying to outspend the competition on the way to a title. He's also one of the poorer NBA owners, and a key negotiator in upcoming talks with the union, in which the NBA will try to convince players they have to spend less. That makes Holt a man in a fascinating position.

  • Flip Saunders on Gilbert Arenas' progress rehabbing and training with Tim Grover in Chicago, as quoted by the Washington Times: "He's worked really hard. His strength in that left leg is off the charts. When he went down there, he could do reverse leg press -- you know, his left leg laying down -- 75 pounds. Now he's pressing 315. His left leg has improved that much. He looks good, he's getting to the basket well on the court. His quickness is back. He's getting his confidence back."

  • We are instructed not to read too much into Dwyane Wade's purchase of a home in Chicago. For the record, he will be a free agent next summer, and Chicago is likely to be a team with cap room. However, it's also his hometown, and a place where he has long spent off-season time.

  • Remember Michael Jordan's "Last Shot" at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City? How'd you like to own that backboard and rim? (And how pissed are Karl Malone and John Stockton that the basket where they made entire careers is valuable mainly for one bucket by an out-of-towner?)

  • Do NBA players write children's books? They do if they're Chris Paul.