Now Lobbying, via Twitter, for a Head Coaching Job: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

A series of Twitter posts from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in response to J.A. Adande's story about who might succeed Phil Jackson one day as Laker coach:

  • I just read the ESPN story on who will replace Phil & I c that alot of u think I would be a good choice. I would have to agree with my fans

  • My experience in coaching has not allowed me 2 be a front runner but if someone would have the faith in me I am sure I could deliver.

  • I have not been given an opportunity as as a head coach so maybe a groundswell of support from my fans could open a door for me!

  • I think my fans know that I am usually quiet unless I have something to say so I'm saying it.

  • I would do a good job as a head coach if given the chance. I'm absolutely sure of that

  • If people want to find out what I am sitting on in terms of basketball knowledge maybe I'll get a shot at a head coaching position.

The man's track record as a player, intellect and writer can not be questioned. But if he's not getting the opportunities his experience and smarts would dictate, I'll bet you my laptop that it's something to do with personality.

Can't you feel the stain of victimhood here?

Coaching is a business of inspiration. Think about it. Your team is down ten points at halftime after several bad calls. You need those players fired up and full of optimism.

If you'll indulge me in this metaphor ... Abdul-Jabbar is down ten points at halftime in his coaching career. And what's he doing? He's whining, really. This series of tweets does not sound at all inspiring to me. He's reminding us that life ought to be more fair, which is generally one of the more damaging things to focus on, in my experience.

Let's assume Abdul-Jabbar's smarter, more experienced and better equipped than the other candidates. If that's the case, use all those smarts to get NBA owners, fans, and powerbrokers inspired about your candidacy! Breathe life into people! Make them feel the benefits of your expertise! After a few years of lifting people up, they'll start handing you power and influence like it's going out of style.

But telling everyone how wronged you have been? Even if it's true, I doubt it'll work.

Which is too bad, because I suspect he has the potential to be an extraordinary coach.