Friday Mini-Bullets

  • This three-year-old knows the Lakers better than you do. (Via OhMeOhMyJelloIsJigglin)

  • Serious questions about building around Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani: Can a good team have its two best players at 4 and 5? Can a good team have a combo at those positions that don't rebound well? Will there ever be a way for Bosh and Bargnani to systematically help each other score?

  • The NBA pays Kevin Martin $15,000 to spread goodwill in Indonesia. That's nice. He donates all the money to a student's league there -- even nicer.

  • Stan Van Gundy lays the victim card on the table, and Zach Lowe of CelticsHub picks it up and throws it right back in his face.

  • Terrence Williams, new Net, was using his Flip video camera at the draft. Here's what he produced. The best part is near the end, when all the prospects are piling on the bus to go the green room, and they're asking each other where they'll be drafted. They tease Tyreke Evans that he's already wearing purple shorts under his pants, and tell Ricky Rubio that he's the only one who can tell some team that he won't play for them and have it really mean something.

  • Danny Granger is building a bat cave.

  • Tom Ziller on Fanhouse: "We're told by David Stern that the NBA age minimum is a business decision, that the league's owners benefit from being able to see these bucks play for a year elsewhere (college, Europe, D-League). That the league benefits from being able to remove its scouts from high school gyms and AAU tournaments. That, in the end, the players benefit from the softer transition from amateur to pro. Rose, one of the league's brightest young stars, saw his reputation take a massive hit Wednesday, all for a violation that never would have occurred if he didn't have to wait a year to join the league. The age minimum rule essentially paved the way for the criminalization of Rose's image."

  • The Raptors are winning a poll to determine people's second-favorite team.

  • Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference: "If there's a statistical category out there (at least in terms of the box score), odds are that it showed Desmond Mason to be a really bad player last season. Not just mediocre, not just below-average, but legitimately terrible."

  • J.J. Barea gets new competition for minutes in Rodrique Beaubois, a returning Jason Kidd, and pressure not to play for his national team.