Monday Bullets

  • The curious case of J.J. Hickson. The young Cavalier has the tools to become the greatest big man LeBron James has ever played with, and being an athletic, dunking, weakside big man phenom alongside James could be momentous and league-changing. But he's not refined enough to get meaningful minutes alongside LeBrron -- and how can you master a weakside game when you're the star of garbage time?

  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas has a big expiring contract the Cavaliers could use to acquire another key player.

  • Bull Kirk Hinrich chatting live on the website of his hometown Sioux City Journal. Asked about trades, he sounds like a guy who thinks he's on the block, saying: "There are up sides and down sides. It depends on the situation I'm going into." Asked about rumored trades to Portland: "There was a proposed trade and for whatever reason the deal didn't get done." (Via By the Horns)

  • Kind of an awesome Kobe Bryant photoshop.

  • When pets play sports, they play a lot of hoops, it appears. (I know. It's summer, give me a break.)

  • TrueHoop reader Terry: "Do you realize that the Rockets will have 11 players between 6-6 and 6-9? And their 6-6 player is Chuck Hayes ... what is the plan here? Trevor Ariza 6-8, Brent Barry 6-7, Shane Battier 6-8, Chase Budinger 6-7, Brian Cook 6-9, Joey Dorsey 6-8, Chuck Hayes 6-6, Carl Landry 6-9, Tracy McGrady 6-8, Luis Scola 6-9, James White 6-7."

  • Tim Varner of 48 Minutes of Hell on the team many are picking to win it all: "The Spurs added Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, DeJuan Blair, Marcus Haislip, Malik Hairston, Marcus Williams and Theo Ratliff. Ian Mahinmi is functionally a rookie. Manu Ginobili is returning from injury. And George Hill is attempting a transition from scoring quard to a game-managing, pick and roll point. Fans look at that list and see a bunch of answers. Most of last season's ills -- little front court depth, deficient scoring, lack of youth -- seem corrected. But I suspect Gregg Popovich looks at that list of players and sees an overwhelming number of question marks. The front office needs answer to basic questions before moving forward. Take one player, Marcus Haislip, as an example. Can he play? And if so, is he a small ball center, shooting power forward or long small forward? I'm not sure. Are you?"

  • LeBron James narrowly defeats little road biker lady. Seriously, look at the last photo. She was taking it easy on him.