Where International Superstars are not Coddled

Mac Lotze is a TrueHoop reader (and sometimes contributor) who lives in Shanghai where he has this to say about a recent TV appearance in China by Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose:

First, Howard and Rose seem either jetlagged or the opposite of ecstatic to be being interviewed by the two Chinese hosts. They try and get Rose and Howard to eat some traditional Chinese foods (Xiao Long Bao, a Shanghainese staple which is essentially just a pork dumpling with a juicy filling; delicious by the way).
They ask them both if they have had Chinese food before and Howard gives a good answer about some sweet white buns, but then Rose mentions how he has had sushi before.

The Chinese host kind of laughs at him and says actually that's Japanese food.

They ask Rose if he has ever had Chinese before, like in the States, and he says no. Then the interesting fact comes up that he only eats Chicken. No other meat.

Then the two are tortured by being forced to use chopsticks, before Howard just gives up and asks for a fork.