Wednesday Bullets

Just for fun, today I'm building these live, instead of publishing them all at once. Refresh now and again ...

  • Allen Iverson tweets that he has an offer from Memphis.

  • A transcript of tweets from Michael Beasley's canceled Twitter account.

  • The 2009 FIBA Americas tournament is underway in Puerto Rico. You can watch on ESPN360. (Or if you can't get them there because of your ISP, you can pay to watch on FIBA.com.) Profiles of the teams you'll see playing there.

  • Eurobasket is starting soon, too.

  • Two D-League teams went away (Anaheim and Colorado) and two new teams emerged in Springfield and Maine. Nothing about that seems so weird. But think about the owners of the new teams -- they've invested their cash and their dreams in minor league basketball, hoping things will really work out. Doesn't it feel funny that next week those two new teams will engage in a draft comprised wholly of the players from the two failed teams? I know, they can get players a zillion different ways, but that has to give you pause. For what it's worth, the list of players in mix includes James White, Eddie Gill, Kedrick Brown and Cedric Bozeman.

  • More relentless scoring at Barry Farms for Kevin Durant.

  • Remember Omar Cook? Did you know that he's now playing for the Montenegro national team?

  • Chris Sheridan has insight into a rumored deal for Ricky Rubio to join FC Barcelona. The key line: "According to the newspaper Marca, Rubio had agreed to a six-year contract with an 'affordable' buyout in 2011 as part of a declining buyout scale, but ESPN.com's source said the Barcelona club appeared to be leaking the story to Marca in order to put pressure on Joventut to accept Barcelona's latest offer."

  • Amare Stoudemire spoke to a bunch of school kids in Phoenix, and showed some real commitment to education. Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic: "This was not a lecture that Stoudemire was capable of making a few years ago. He must have spoken for 20-30 minutes and it was a purposeful message about education that he planned. That's not an easy message to deliver to restless elementary kids and to speak continuously for that long, especially for a person with a scattered education in his youth. It was Stoudemire's third annual visit to this south Phoenix school, where he has donated books and read to the children on prior trips. His speech focused on reading, writing and math, things that he has been catching up on as well. He is taking an online college world history course this summer. 'I'm reading a lot more now than I did back when I was in school,' Stoudemire said after the event. 'Only because there really was nobody to motivate us to read and write and really attack education. That's why it's such a passion for me now to let these kids know to get a head start. When they're my age, they can be smarter than me at this point.'"

  • Has playing for Team USA made Chris Paul tired at the end of the NBA season? He says no, others in that article say yes. This season, without Team USA basketball, is the test.

  • The Jazz have the Knicks' first-round pick next year, so you'd have to believe they're praying that the Knicks can not work out affordable ways to sign free agents like David Lee, Nate Robinson or Ramon Sessions. The more the Knicks lose, the better that pick presumably gets.

  • Reggie Miller's legendary push-off of Michael Jordan, that led to an open game-winning 3. Disappointing: How did his teammates not rush to congratulate him after that? He celebrated more or less alone, which always makes me wonder what the internal politics are really like.

  • Imagining Don Nelson's career if Sidney Moncrief had been drafted higher.