There Will Never Be Another Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan himself said those words today, and there was a cheer in a room full of reporters.

People loved it.

You could feel, right then, that this quote would be played again and again.

But keep listening. He meant what he said, but he certainly did not mean it in the sense that he was trying to close the book on history. He was not declaring his supremacy over the best players of today or tomorrow.

What Jordan went on to explain, in response to Howard Beck's question about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James (somewhere Dwyane Wade just got angry) was that there may well one day be players who are better than him, and he even allowed that there may already be.

His point was that there will not be another Michael Jordan. As in, the times have changed, the teams have changed, and the media has changed ... so no one will do it like he did. But Jordan left the door wide open to someone being better than him.

I also thought he did a nice job assessing the notion that he is the best basketball player ever.

When he hears that idea, he says, "I receive it as an opinion." He points out that he never played against Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain and the like. "To say I'm better than these people is not for me to decide."