Michael Jordan Talking to Michael Wilbon

An interesting conversation, in which Jordan sounds like someone who is not that far from wanting to play again.

They touch on a number of topics. For instance:

  • Jordan says, of players today: "I try not to watch so much because I'm so critical of how the game's being played. ... I think they're overlooking a lot of things. ... [we] can see a lot of flaws."

  • He says that he retired in 1993 because basketball "was very commercialized for me in 1993. You know I was on every Wheaties box and Gatorade bottle and things of that nature but my passion for the game was kind of lost." (Can you imagine this? In a manner ... the people who packaged and sold Jordan almost cost the sport its best player.)

  • Jordan says he wouldn't trade his time in baseball for anything, saying being around people with genuine passion "reinstilled some of the desires that I had when I was a kid."

  • He says his best Olympic experience by far was not the Dream Team, but 1984, when he was able to stay in the Olympic village, and had fewer commercial concerns.

  • He also discusses the "best game he ever played in" which was a Dream Team scrimmage in Monte Carlo.

You can watch below: