Tuesday Bullets

  • You know how Michael Jordan threatened, in his Hall of Fame induction speech, to return to the NBA? Dwight Jaynes: "He's a huge failure in the NBA front office, so I guess his only choice for further attention is to make yet another comeback. Please, Michael, come back. I'd love to see you stumbling around. You deserve it. And so many people around the NBA would LOVE to see you fail one last time."

  • If it becomes time for Michael Jordan to express regret, let's make sure this shirt is on the list, too.

  • Fantastic evidence that the Pacers were a pretty good team with a tendency to lose games by playing terribly for the latter part of the third quarter. Presumably slightly better depth would go a long way to fixing that.

  • Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns has a report on social media in the NBA: "The Suns plan to stream live tweets at the bottom of the TV screen during telecasts and on the big screen and 360-degree LED rings at US Airways Center a couple times each game, [Suns executive Jeramie] McPeek said. This further encourages interactivity by allowing fans to tweet about the game from their couch or seat and immediately see it pop up for all of Planet Orange to see. Plus, this way everyone will know if @Amareisreal starts tweeting during a timeout. 'It would be really cool if we can have fans at home tweeting about the game and fans in the building itself tweeting about the game, and those tweets kind of merging together to be on display,' McPeek said."

  • Jon Stewart does his part (including offering a cold burger) to try to lure LeBron James to New York.

  • In baseball and hockey teams are experimenting with "dynamic pricing." This is where ticket prices change all the time with a complex set of market conditions, much like airline tickets. The downside is that it's hard to predict how much any game would cost. The upside is that sometimes the tickets are cheap! Here's my proposal: How about auctioning just about every ticket, but letting the team use their intelligent market research to keep deciding which bids they'll accept. So, if they have 100 lower level tickets for tomorrow's game, they might decide at midnight to accept all those $100 offers they had rejected yesterday. For ticket buyers, you could have bids in for bargains at the games you want to go to, and maybe some of them will pay off. In any case, wonder if dynamic pricing will come to the NBA. (Thanks, Jason.)

  • Greg Ostertag is, according to one NBA executive, looking trim and surprisingly mobile in his comeback attempt. (That doesn't mean he's a lock to return, though. "Wow, Greg's in great shape," according to one observer. "Still can't play, though.") He also says he isn't looking to get paid much. A thought for younger players, like Ostertag once was. Think about how hard this man's challenge is. You have any idea how hard it is to get into NBA shape at his age, with his body type? If had this same motivation while he was young, he'd have never left.

  • Ray Allen vs. Father Time.