Monday Bullets

  • The Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst on Delonte West (who was arrested last week with three guns on him, his dad says it was about personal protection): "West opened himself up to the fans by talking about his struggle with bipolar disorder. It not only endeared him even more to the fan base that was attracted to his style of play and personality, but also to people who have battled mood disorders and depression. Mail poured into the Cavs from people who West had inspired. West then went out and had the best season of his career, his first as a full-time starter. He was a significant factor in the Cavs winning 66 games. But behind the scenes there was never a doubt that he was often battling with his emotional problems."

  • Bethlehem Shoals of FreeDarko: "West is bipolar; so am I. That doesn't make me unsympathetic to his situation -- on the contrary, to me it's almost mundane, the kind of thing you wake up from and shake your head at. Not that I've ever ended up strapped to the teeth on a mini-bike, re-enacting a scene from a s----- movie. But since no one got hurt, and the explanation is obvious, the specifics are neither here nor there. This is what happens when you go off your meds. The legal system knows this, and presumably, Delonte is a little closer to figuring it out."

  • A letter from the wife of a referee to David Stern. Julie Davis, wife of Marc Davis, writes (in a letter obtained by Fanhouse's Tim Povtak): "I would guess that most of the NBA office employees do not miss their kid's school plays, parent-teacher conferences, sports practices and games, graduations, Christmas mornings, and other holidays. Their husbands and wives do not have to explain to their children each morning and night for 10 months of the year that daddy or mommy will not be coming home again today and won't be home again for the next ten days either. I can tell you from first-hand experience that three, four and five year olds do not get that concept very well."

  • Jeremy from Roundball Mining Company: "I refereed a few intramural games in college. There were three leagues, A, B and C. I refereed C league games. As you probably figured out A was the top competitive league and C was the recreational league full of people who may or may not have played before. You would think that the C league would be pretty laid back and easy to ref. Some of the guys on my floor played on a team called "Wish There Was a D League.” I am pretty sure they never got on the refs. On some nights you had teams like my floor mates who just wanted to run around and were happy to make fools of themselves, but on other nights the participants seemed to think they were battling it out for the Larry O'Brien trophy and as a result I took quite a bit of abuse. I remember being glared at days after a game when a guy from one of the games I worked passed me on the sidewalk. The whole point of this is I do not know who on earth would want to be a referee."

  • Former NBA center Leroy Ellis has managed life's disasters -- a murdered son, a terminal cancer diagnosis -- with an exceptionally strong spirit and an even-keeled attitude.

  • Spencer Hawes, spontaneous cheerleader.

  • Rod Benson is as funny as people get, and has turned himself into a big name in the basketball blogging community. So ... has that made him more valuable as a box-office draw? The Utah Flash owner Brandt Andersen is asked that question by SaltCityHoops: "So you don't think there is any value added to a player by becoming kind of an online celebrity? Not at all. Like I said, the only thing that really matters is if you can play, and you win on the court. So it doesn't matter when a guy like Rod Benson comes to town? Rod doesn't draw at all. I love reading his stuff, he's a great writer and a funny guy, but he doesn't affect our gate at all."

  • Andre Iguodala had his cable cut off.

  • TrueHoop reader Steve writes: "Allen Iverson was present at the first Eurobasket semifinal, Spain vs Greece, sitting in the front row behind the basket that Spain played on offensively during the second quarter. TV cameras showed him twice towards the end of the second quarter (at around four minutes to play, I guess)." Iverson has been in Europe on a tour for Reebok.

  • The Onion: "Athletes Can Play Through Those Injuries, Says Man Who Gets Sore From Sitting Too Long"

  • Video of people dunking on Shaquille O'Neal.

  • Markus Carr, professional basketball player in Europe, and serial entrepreneur with a series of fascinating tales.

  • If Trevor Ariza had taken the Cavaliers' free agent money instead of the Rockets' he reportedly would have been $2 million poorer because of Ohio state tax.

  • Kenyon Martin talks about his spat with Mark Cuban on Denver's 104.3 The Fan: "He apologized to my mom and that's all he had to do. Just move on from it. He has a team to run down there and I have a job to kick their butt every time we play them." (Via Sports Radio Interviews)