This Has to Be a First

Nate Robinson seems to be using Twitter for advice on rearranging, or not, the letters in his daughter's name.

We change the spelling to my lil girls name its now nayvi looks better right or keep it this way navyi

How old is she, I wondered? I learned from his Facebook page that she's just four days into this journey -- not long enough to get attached to the old name, I'd think:

My third child and first baby GIRL was born today september 17th at 7:48 AM 8lb 9.5 ounces

I don't know, what do you think? Nayvi or Navyi? Either way, I think:

  • Subsitute teachers are going to get that wrong just about every time.

  • When she's about 14 she will be outraged that Twitter nation changed her name, or didn't.