Tuesday Bullets

  • Brett at Queen City Hoops blogger has built, from scratch, a trade machinish thing that analyzes a players' offensive and defensive efficiency, and then lets you see how a team's performance would change with different player in his place. It's like the trade machine, without the salary concerns, but loaded up with stat geekery. Give it a whirl -- he's looking for feedback.

  • I always love it when Chris Douglas-Roberts talks about basketball. He talks a beautiful game. Hope it proves to be that he plays one in the NBA too. He says that he had nice tickets to the Jay-Z concert, but passed it up to go to the gym. Of course, however, what really caught my attention in his blog post was word that he has bengal kittens who have already destroyed part of his house. My first thought: BENGAL TIGERS! IS HE NUTS? But YouTube has the answers: Bengal cats are house-sized, crazy strong cats.

  • Sean May says he took six days off at the beginning of the summer, but he has been "grinding ever since." Some video of the Kings' optional workouts going on now.

  • Brian Scalabrine spent much of the off-season avoiding basketball, for fear of another concussion.

  • Delonte West is in Cleveland, and has met with the Cavs. Worth noting, however, that he is facing two gun charges, despite his three guns. Turns out the shotgun in the guitar case is A-OK.

  • Weird staged hype-machine basketball event, starring LeBron James, in France.

  • Last week I linked to this and wondered aloud if any NBA teams would adopt "value pricing." Bingo.

  • A basketball blog with its own preview magazine. Hmm ...

  • Andre Iguodala says his cable bill is now paid, and he's tweeting from a three-hour physical.