Goodbye Allan Houston

I like how Harvey Araton writes about it in The New York Times--remembering Allan Houston sticking it to Reggie Miller (the guard everyone said the Knicks should have got instead of him) in the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals.

Houston was only 28, the picture of health, a rising star. Back in Indianapolis, for the playoffs the following spring, he nodded affirmatively as he agreed that he had never been more confident at his craft than Game 6 the previous year, and promised that he was just clearing his throat.

"Like they say," he told me, "yesterday and forevermore."

How fickle the future turned out to be, as the team collapsed gradually around him, then the organization, and finally his knees...

He told his teammates of his decision and made Stephon Marbury, already with nine N.B.A. years behind him, wonder: who knows where the time goes? "Eventually, this is all going to be over with," Marbury said."

People are taking the news all sorts of different ways. Here's a nice overview of his career. Some New York fans will never forgive Houston for not bringing the team more success to go with that fat contract. (I'll never get that. This was not a man faking an injury, or not trying hard to rehabilitate. If anything, his fault was in trying too hard and for too long before finally deciding to shut it down. And they booed him just about every night.) Here's what his retirement will likely mean for the salary cap (likely no relief) and luxury tax (some relief). Jason Kidd and Vince Carter react. And the Associated Press summary of everything.