Michael Beasley in the Gym

Video of the Heat forward working out. He looks fit.

Watching this forces me to realize that something happened over the summer. As he went through all the trials of the Twitter incident, the rehab, and everything else, how I thought about him shifted.

I used to not have strong feelings about him. I saw Beasley as a supremely talented but irresponsible goofball -- one of a zillion players who could be really good, but probably wouldn't be, for whatever reason.

Now I see him as a supremely talented guy who is wrestling with some things -- a butterfly struggling to get out of that cocoon.

Nothing would surprise me from here. There could be more trouble. But there could also be magnificent success. He's so talented ... if he starts to "get it," if now is the time when he begins to really get focused, he could quickly become an All-Star caliber player.

It's hard not to root for that.