Cavalier Flu

Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer tweets:

Cavs injury list has...wait for it...11 names not counting D. West. 6 have flu, strain is same as H1N1 but tests on that still out.

A doctor recently explained to me that there is a simple and quick in-office procedure to determine whether or not someone as Influenza Type A. H1N1 is one of many types of Influenza A. The test to determine whether or not it's actually H1N1 take longer.

LeBron James, Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl have all tested positive for Type A. James told the Plain Dealer that after spending two days at home, and staying very hydrated, he's feeling much better.

Cautious team officials say that they will, in designing preventative steps to protect against further spread of the virus, assume this is H1N1.

Here's a re-cap of how the NBA is addressing swine flu.