ESPN Magazine's Fantasy Preview: Don't Draft Blazers

They list the top 25 fantasy league players at each position. A high percentage of the league qualifies. Even guys like Jameer Nelson, Gerald Wallace, Nick Collison, Zaza Pachulia, Erick Dampier, and Kelvin Cato are getting love, even though this is a straight statistical play.

Here's the sobering thing about being a Blazer fan: out of the 125 players listed, a grand total of three Portland players are mentioned, and they're not especially high (insert Jail Blazer joke here). Zach Randolph is the 8th-ranked power forward. Joel Przybilla ("could be third best legit center in West" says ESPN--I guess that's Yao Ming and Brad Miller going 1-2?) is the 12th-ranked center. And Darius Miles comes in at 23rd among small forwards.