NPR: Aware the NBA Season Has Begun

Author John Feinstein was on National Public Radio talking about this thing called the NBA. You can listen to the whole thing or trust me that these are the highlights:

  • On the dress code, part one: "I've known Tim Duncan since he was in college, and I'm not sure he owns a shirt with sleeves."

  • On the dress code, part two: "This is about corporate money." (The league, he says, would like players to dress the way deep-pocketed corporate sponsors dress.)

  • On the Lakers: "Phil Jackson came riding back in on whatever a zenmaster rides."

  • On Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson: "Maybe they're doing yoga together--I don't know."

  • Sprung from the hospital, the plucky Red Auerbach, says Feinstein, will be back in his regular Boston Garden seat for the Celtics' home opener.